House Raising

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For a lot of people who are not very familiar with these types of procedures, it may seem odd that you are ever going to need this. What we want to do is make sure that you are able to get a good idea of why you may need to raise your house. If you are already considering this particular procedure we also want to let you know why choosing us over the competition could be the best bet. Especially if you are looking for the best top affordable foundation specialists that Clear Lake has to offer!

What Are The Benefits?

One of the main benefits that you could get around from raising your home is better protection against floods. We happen to have a lot of water around us and a lot of homes suffer greatly because of this. Quite frankly many of the issues that we end up solving came about as a result of improper planing in the first place when the home was built. That is neither here nor there though our goal is to help you basically sleep better at night. Knowing that you are not going to wake up to a muddy mess every single time after even some light rain!

Creating Extra Rooms

Another one of the reasons that people come to us looking for this particular service is that they want to build an extra room. Whether we are talking about a basement or anything else that they may want to set up. Of course, in these cases, we are not just going to raise the structure a little bit and hope that this is enough for you to set up your room. There is a lot of design and planning that goes into something like this. We can certainly help you every step of the way!

Does This Really Make Your House Look Better?

There are plenty of colleagues that advertise house raising as a way to boost your home’s overall value giving it more “curb appeal”. We are more of the mindset that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is not to say that this procedure won’t help your home. In some houses, it really helps them stand out a lot more. Especially when that space that is created while lifting the home is used properly. That does not go well for all houses though. That is something that we believe you should keep in mind before you go through with this!

House Leveling

While in most house leveling procedures the idea is to basically restore the house to its original size and even it out after it has begun to sink down. We are still technically raising part of the house to match the other side. We are going to be using the same top of the line equipment to ensure that we will be able to safely get the home to exactly where it needs to be.

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