Pressed Pilings Foundation Repair

We are always saying that you should not take foundation issues slightly and you should see the pros for help right? Part of the issues that we want to avoid can be seen in botched pressed pilings foundation repairs. We have seen how people try and distribute the weight by adding more concrete pilings and just things are usually not going to work out well. These foundations are very common in Texas. Yet, they are not the most durable of foundations when faced with adversity. When you do have a problem you should seek to address it as soon as possible.

How Long Can I Expect My Foundation To Last?

When you are building a foundation for a home you are literally expecting it to last several lifetimes at the very least. That is basically regardless of the type of foundation that you are building. The reason why concrete pilling foundations fail has more to do with the conditions around them more so than how they are built. If we start having moisture issues or shifts in the ground problems are going to come along and that is when things get rough. The best thing that you can do is to have your foundation checked regularly.

Steel or Concrete?

Both types of foundations can work just fine under the right circumstances. As we have said though trying to add more concrete pilings to a concrete foundation that has failed may not be the best idea. That is why forĀ repairsĀ we are mostly going to be using steel. Especially if the problems that the original foundation encountered were primarily caused by an excessive amount of moisture. When moisture builds up within concrete it can cause a world of trouble. Steel, when used correctly, can fair better against these types of problems.

Is This A Cheap Solution?

There is certain information going around that indicates these types of foundations have become popular because they are generally cheap. While there is no escaping the fact that you are going to be able to obtain concrete pilings for a relatively low price that does not mean that these foundations cannot be effective. When they are set up correctly these types of foundations can hold up for years and years. It becomes really important though for you to pick the right company that you want to work with if you want to have this type of foundation installed or repaired.

We Use Top Quality Materials

Whether you are going to be looking for a steel pilings or a concrete pilings foundation you can be certain that we are going to be able to help. Not only are we going to be able to get the job done we always only use top quality materials and equipment on the job. So that you can sleep well at night knowing your home is going to be right there where you left it the next morning.

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